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Simply Quit Original & Peppermint

Simply Quit Original & Peppermint

$ 29.95

You tried to quit smoking. You put the cigarettes down for a few hours. But soon found yourself fidgeting, not quite sure what to do with your hands, and wanting to puff on something.

You quickly found out that it isn't just the nicotine that you crave. You also have a psychological oral addiction (the hand-to-mouth ritual).

When you feel the need to smoke just reach for Simply Quit™ instead.

Don't light Simply Quit™, just puff on it like you would a real cigarette. You'll get a taste similar to real tobacco, but without the deadly, cancer-causing chemicals and tar that clog your lungs. You'll satisfy the desire to hold something in your hand, while meeting the hand-to-mouth need.

Puff to your heart's content.

This is what makes Simply Quit™ a miracle. Simply Quit™ is harmless. And you can use it in non-smoking areas like offices, airplanes, and even hospitals.

More and more anti-smoking laws are being passed. Smoking is prohibited practically everywhere you go. And more and more people are giving you the evil look, even when you light up in areas where smoking is permitted.

It's time to take back control of your smoking habit.

Puff on Simply Quit instead of lighting up, either as a temporary substitute while you can't smoke, or as a quit smoking aid, that can help you conquer your habit forever.

If you really want to quit smoking, Simply Quit can help.

  • Contains No Drugs
  • Contains No Nicotine
  • No Side Effects
  • Does Not Require a Prescription
  • No Discomfort
  • Flavor Lasts Up to 1 year
  • 100% Guaranteed
  • Smokeless
  • Made in USA

Simply Quit is durable. Actual size is 3 inches.

Here's a slightly enlarged picture of Simply Quit. Its simple design and durable construction will give you the assistance you need to quit smoking. The flavor lasts up to one year, so you can rest assured that Simply Quit will be there to help when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Simply Quit™ kit?
Designed for all ages, the Simply Quit™ kit is a creative, innovative, and honest program which includes a simulated cigarette and guide. Simply Quit can help when you want to quit smoking and you get the "crazies" and need to reach for a cigarette, or when you still feel the need to puff on a cigarette. Quit smoking cigarettes without drugs, physicians, hypnosis or other costly treatments.

2. What is a simulated cigarette?
A simulated cigarette is a device that is designed to imitate the look, feel and taste of real cigarettes, except with one big difference: a simulated cigarette is pleasant and absolutely harmless, without nicotine, drugs, or any harmful substances. The Simply Quit™ simulated cigarette has a great flavor and an air-valve to control air suction, creating a "drag" similar to real cigarettes.

3. What flavor is the simulated cigarette?
The SimplyQuit™ simulated cigarette has a flavor similar to real tobacco.

4. How long does the flavor last?
The flavor lasts for at least one year.

5. How do I clean my SimplyQuit ™ simulated cigarette?
We recommend that you rinse the mouthpiece tip of your SimplyQuit ™ simulated cigarette using mild liquid soap and rinsing it thoroughly with clean water.

6. How does SimplyQuit work?
One important reason why it is so difficult to quit smoking is the habit of bringing a cigarette to your mouth and inhaling, otherwise known as Oral Fixation. SimplyQuit completely substitutes a cigarette without any harm to the user. Whenever you inhale the SimplyQuit as if it were a regular cigarette, the air that you breathe through a measured passage absorbs the aroma inside the unit, so that there is a flavor you are used to. With a deeper inhalation of SimplyQuit, the aromatized air gives an additional dose of oxygen to the brain, giving your brain the feeling of energy and a slight buzz as if you just inhaled your favorite cigarette. More detailed information on how SimplyQuit works as well as how to use it is provided in the instructional brochure.

7. What is the Simply Quit™ Smoking Guide?
It is a step by step guide that provides simple, clear suggestions on how to rid yourself of the smoking habit. There is no psychological mumbo-jumbo, just a series of simple and reasonable recommendations for how to cut back, use SimplyQuit, and quit permanently. The insight and wisdom of experience offered by Simply Quit™ is useful and important information.

8. How old do you have to be to use Simply Quit™?
There is no age limit to use Simply Quit™ . It is a completely harmless process that is designed to help smokers of all ages quit smoking. Nevertheless, keep away from children since the device is fairly small.

9. Do I need a prescription to purchase Simply Quit™ ?
No, Simply Quit does not require a prescription. The ingredients are simply carefully selected food-grade flavorings. There is no nicotine or other drugs. Most smokers can't quit because they can't control their psychological oral addiction (the actual hand-to-mouth ritual) and their craving for cigarettes. Simply Quit™ simulated cigarettes gives you a substitute to help you take back control and, combined with the step-by-step Stop Smoking Guide, break through your smoking habit.

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