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SaveACig Cigarette Snuffer

SaveACig Cigarette Snuffer

$ 9.97

This Is The Device That No Tobacco Company
In The World Wants You To Get Your Hands On!

Now you can keep smoking while you quit!
You Can Do This!

Have you ever stopped to consider why cigarettes are the size that they are? Did you ever think that the size and high prices of cigarettes may actually help keep you addicted?


How could the size and cost of a cigarette keep you addicted? That just sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory, doesn't it? But let's examine a typical scenario for smoking a cigarette:

You've got a five minute break at work. You head outside to get a quick nicotine fix.
You really only need a couple of puffs. But a cigarette lasts for lots of puffs! They
are so expensive and you don't want to waste money. That'd be foolish. So what do
you do? You smoke as much of that cigarette as your five minutes will allow, as fast
as you can. Then you drop the cigarette in the ashtray and head back inside. You fill
your lungs with smoke and pump the nicotine into your brain, satisfying your addiction
for another 20 or 30 minutes.

But you really only needed a couple of puffs, so what you've just done by smoking the entire cigarette is reinforce your need for LOTS of nicotine. You gave your body a full cigarette's worth, so next time you need--guess what--another entire cigarette.

So, if cigarettes were smaller, shorter, you could get a quick fix without absolutely overwhelming your lungs and the nicotine receptors in your brain, and without worrying about wasting money.

The problem is, the cigarette companies aren't going to make short cigarettes. You can be sure they have studied the size of cigarettes, and they know exactly how big they need to make them to bring in the bucks while keeping you sufficiently satisfied (addicted).


It's time for you to get your revenge on the cigarette companies. And do something miraculous in the process...

What if you could smoke only what you needed from each cigarette, then save that same cigarette for later use? You could get just enough to satisfy your craving, then put the cigarette away for your next smoke break. You no longer have to worry about wasting a cigarette and throwing money away when you snuff out a half-smoked cig in the ashtray.

Well, that is exactly what the SaveACig will allow you to do.

Smoke only as much as you want from your cigarette, then drop it into the sturdy brass SaveACig snuffer. Pop the easy-to-use vinyl cap over the end of the tube and your cigarette is quickly extinguished, ready for your next smoke break. Nothing is wasted. Your cigarette is safe inside the metal tube and the taste is not adversely affected, and no foul odor can escape the sealed tube. Drop the air tight SaveACig in your pocket or purse and go about your business. When you're ready to smoke again, just pull out the SaveACig, re-light the cigarette and start the process again, without any nasty taste or smell.

Think about what you have just accomplished:

  • Reduced your exposure to harmful tar and smoke
  • Reduced your intake of addictive nicotine
  • Cut the cost of smoking by 10-50% or more
  • Saved time

Frankly, the most important part is that you are reducing your intake of addictive nicotine. This is a miraculous side-effect of using SaveACig. Why? Because you can begin to reduce your dependency on nicotine and eventually quit smoking cigarettes altogether!

Can you see why the cigarette companies don't want you to know about this device? This simple metal tube could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year, and save your life too.

What are SaveACig users saying?

Take a look:

  • "Amazing! Works Great"
  • "Can't believe it's here"
  • "Wish I had thought of it"
  • "How did I live without it"
  • "Really a Cigarette Saver"
  • "So Handy"
  • "Saved me lots of cigarette dollars"

Get yours now and add your testimonial to the growing list of satisfied SaveACig users.

Order SaveACig today and you'll get:

  • Two quality, brass tubes. Use one at home and the other in your car, at work or on the go!
  • Two vinyl caps for safely sealing the tube and extinguishing your cigarette
  • Two handy clips to keep the SaveACig clipped to your pocket, purse or wherever

Order today! You can do this!

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