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The Healthy Smoker

The Healthy Smoker

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Have you ever considered that quitting smoking doesn't have to be about giving up something you have done for years and maybe even love to do? What if quitting smoking was really about something else entirely? What if, instead, you simply decided to get healthy?

Wouldn't that drastically improve your attitude and chances for success?

The Healthy Smoker Approach:

  • Won't ask or expect you to quit smoking until your body no longer needs nicotine
  • Will free your mind from the desire to smoke
  • Will give you a new attitude toward life, accompanied by a healthy lifestyle

Smoking is a lifestyle. Not smoking is also a lifestyle. The Healthy Smoker will give you the appropriate steps to integrate a healthy, non-smoking lifestyle into your life.

Let's face the truth: most people don't like change. Sudden, drastic changes in your life can be traumatic and short-lived. That's why people who quit smoking cold turkey most often fail. Chances are, you are among the group of smokers who have tried to quit cold turkey, yet found yourself puffing a day or two later. This blow to your confidence can make just the thought of trying to quit smoking again terrifying.

With The Healthy Smoker approach, the detoxification, healthy diet, slow introduction of exercise, alternative therapies, and online support, your chances for success grow dramatically.

This book will give you all the step-by-step instructions to transition into a healthy lifestyle that won't include smoking. Quitting smoking is a natural by-product of doing healthy things. It's not a struggle when you are proactively seeking better health. Your body's naturally state is health, and with The Healthy Smoker approach you will rediscover the way nature intended for you to live--healthy and smoke free!

The Healthy Smoker - Chapter Summary


Quitting smoking can be extremely difficult and quitting cold turkey does not work for most people. The best strategy to quit smoking may be making other gradual health changes first, before quitting smoking.

Chapter 1 – Can Smokers Really Be Healthy?

There is anecdotal evidence that some smokers do manage to remain healthy. How do they do it? Do they have good genes? Scientific studies show that smokers can greatly reduce their risk of disease by making changes in their lifestyle choices. In fact, healthy lifestyle choices such as eating fruits and vegetables, exercising and taking certain supplements give smokers the potential to be healthier than the average non-smoking person.

Chapter 2 – The Strength of Smoking Addiction

According to some physicians and scientists, smoking is more addictive than cocaine or heroin. Quitting smoking is more difficult than sixteen other habits and lifestyle choices. Perhaps the best approach to quitting smoking is to make other easier healthy lifestyle changes first, saving the most difficult one (quitting) for last, after your body is healthier.

Chapter 3 – Smoking’s Impact on your Body

Smoking impacts every cell in your body and over time will compromise your health. Most smokers are in denial regarding their risk of adverse effects from smoking. Denial does not prevent illness. Every smoker should monitor their health to be aware of the negative effects of smoking.

Chapter 4 – Testing the Health of Smokers

There are 12 specific tests that can help demonstrate to you the impact smoking is having your body. Many of these tests aren't part of a regular physical exam and most doctors don’t even know about them. The tests are an inexpensive and effective way to monitor your health and may motivate you to seek a healthier lifestyle.

Chapter 5 – Detoxification Before Anything Else

Cigarettes contain 4000 toxic chemicals. In addition, food, water, and the air we breathe expose us to more toxins. Fortunately, certain foods cleanse our bodies, while supplements and natural therapies help complete the detoxification process. You'll learn a cleansing strategy that will effectively remove a majority of the toxins in your body, making it much easier to become healthier and reduce your smoking.

Chapter 6 – The Digestive System: You Are Not Just What You Eat: You Are What You Digest

Detoxification cleans your body but it doesn’t repair damaged cells. Most people have compromised their digestive system by eating low-nutrition foods, eating on the run, not chewing long enough enough and eating too much. As you age, the efficiency and ability of your digestive system declines. Rebuilding your digestive system with special products and improved eating habits will greatly improve your body's ability to use the nutrients you consume.

Chapter 7 – Nutritional Guidelines for Smokers

Some foods cause illness, while other foods are proven to prevent or even reverse many ailments. Changing your diet by replacing harmful foods with healing foods is much easier than stopping smoking and will produce immediate benefits of feeling greater energy, less stress and reducing your vulnerability to the numerous smoking-related diseases.

Chapter 8 – The Importance of Supplementation

Getting all the nutrients you need from the foods you eat is virtually impossible. This lack of proper nutrition is a major cause of many diseases. Nutritional supplements can fill the void left by your diet. Countless studies support the use of the supplements recommended in this book.

Chapter 9 – The Importance of Exercise

Exercise helps to detoxify your body, balance hormones, distribute oxygen, raise metabolism, reduce stress, and prevent disease. There is an exercise program that is right for every person, and you'll learn how to select the perfect one for you, and how to exercise faithfully so you get optimal results.

Chapter 10 – Natural Therapies for Smoking

This chapter will give you ten natural quit smoking therapies and you'll learn why they can help you quit. Therapies range from acupuncture to aromatherapy to herbal remedies and hypnosis. As with exercise, you'll be able to find the right set of personalized quit smoking methods to make quitting possible

Chapter 11 – Managing Your Habit

Although getting healthy so you can quit smoking is a valid course to take, you still need good strategies to manage your habit until you have quit permanently. You'll learn how to handle cravings and situations that in the past triggered your smoking. You'll get quit-plan guidelines, lists to track your symptoms, plus other tools to help you manage your smoking reduction and ultimate cessation.

Chapter 12 – The Psychology of Quitting

Your brain is the control center for your entire body, and it plays a major role in your smoking habit. By learning how the brain works, you'll better appreciate the need for the changes recommended in The Healthy Smoker. Information about brain chemistry, peer pressures, and nutritional brain support will help you better understand how to quit smoking. You'll also take the Probability of Success screening test.

Chapter 13 – Cessation Much Easier Now

After successfully incorporating all of the “Healthy Smoker” guidelines, you'll find that quitting smoking will be much easier, but you will still need a cessation strategy. This chapter gives you a complete checklist of proven smoking cessation tips plus many other resources you can access to get help while you are quitting. Now that you are healthier, some of the quitting methods that didn’t work before will be more successful and you will finally quit smoking forever.

Chapter 14 – The Ideal Healthy Smoker Protocol

In this book, you'll learn many different ways to get healthy and quit smoking. Fortunately, you can be successful without having to master every single technique. This chapter gives you an ideal protocol or strategy as an example for how to create your personal Healthy Smoker strategy. Some steps are more important than others and should always be included while others may be used or discarded based on your personality and needs.

The Healthy Smoker takes a very different approach to quitting smoking--one that can make quitting easier and very possible for you, no matter how many times you may have tried and failed before. Use the specific steps and tips in this book and create a smoking cessation plan that works just for you!

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