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Four EZ Quit Flavor Cartridges Refills

Four EZ Quit Flavor Cartridges Refills

$ 12.95

Satisfy Your Oral Addiction to Cigarettes

With E-Z QUIT® Inc.'s ArtificialCigarette

The addiction to smoking is a complicated pattern of chemical and behavioral reactions.

Sure, you have an addiction to nicotine. But what about the addiction to holding something in your hand, the hand-to-mouth motion, and puffing on a cigarette?

For many smokers, these "behavioral addictions" are just as strong as the chemical addiction.

E-Z Quit Inc.'s Artificial Cigarette offers you a replacement for your behavioral addictions.

You do not light it. Instead, take a deep drag like a real cigarette, but without the dangerous tar, nicotine, drugs and cancer-causing substances found in real cigarette smoke. E-Z Quit Inc.'s ArtificialCigarette contains no drugs! No nicotine! The ingredients in the ArtificialCigarette are simple food-grade flavorings. Safe to use with Nicotine Patch or Gum! Perfect for all non-smoking areas!

When you inhale through an ArtificialCigarette, the cartridge releases a flavor that refreshes your mouth and occupies your taste buds. You just inhale through this device whenever you get the next urge to smoke, and it helps carry you over each crisis.

The ArtificialCigarette comes with three mint-flavored cartridge refills that last 45 days. (Each cartridge lasts about 15 days.)

Additional flavor cartridge are available in packs of four or packs of six. Order the flavor cartridges on any page where you order the ArtificialCigarette.

  • E-Z Quit ArtificialCigarette at a Glance
  • Re-Usable Artificial Cigarette
  • No Nicotine, No Drugs
  • Over One Million Units Sold!
  • Over 21 Years On The Market
  • Inexpensive Method

ArtificialCigarette is uniquely designed to substitute for the habits of handling and drawing on a cigarette. It contains no drugs, nicotine or stimulants. The ArtificialCigarette uses a scientifically formulated flavor cartridge and a patented air flow system to simulate the sensation of inhaling a pleasant tasting mild cigarette.

When you inhale through an ArtificialCigarette, you replicate the actions of smoking, but without inhaling deadly smoke. The cartridge releases a mint-like flavor which refreshes your mouth and makes your lungs register the inhalation. Reaching for an ArtificialCigarette is as easy as reaching for a cigarette. Holding and handling an ArtificialCigarette keeps your hands occupied as if with a cigarette. This helps reduce your feelings of deprivation.

The Final Word

Tom Ferguson, M.D., nationally known writer/lecturer, author of best seller book The No Nag, No Guilt, Do It Your Own Way Guide To Quitting Smoking, states, (Chapter 10) "The smokers in our survey give E-Z Quit the highest rating of any non-prescription quit-smoking aid."

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