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Easy Mount Static Cling - Circular Clear - 2" and 3"

Easy Mount Static Cling - Circular Clear - 2" and 3"

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Have a window that needs a no smoking sign on it? Easily mount this 3 inch no smoking symbol to just about any glass surface using static cling. Just put the sign on the glass and it will adhere almost instantly with static cling. If it needs a little help to stick, just wet it slightly and it should stay in place until you are ready to remove it. There's no glue, so you don't have to worry about leaving a mess when you take it off. And unlike stickers that use glue, you can move it to a new location or vehicle and re-use it. You can attach this sign inside or outside the glass (either side will cling to the glass). Great for storefronts, car windows, offices and more. Put one in all your fleet vehicles or your entire car lot. Simple to remove and leaves no glue mess. Circular, die-cut static cling material 2" (5.08 cm) or 3" diameter (7.6 cm) Bright red and black no smoking symbol, see-through inside the symbol Durable vinyl Easy peel-and-stick for quick application. Reposition and reapply as many times as desired. Removes easily with no glue mess. Apply on glass and other similar non-porous surfaces. No glue. Adheres with static cling. Apply small amount of water to enhance the cling. Mount inside or outside of glass. No smoking symbol shows on both sides so this looks great from either side. Sign # QS2CLING or QS3CLING

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