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Circular No Smoking Sticker - Clear Background - 2" and 3"

Circular No Smoking Sticker - Clear Background - 2" and 3"

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If you want a tasteful looking no smoking sign that blends in with your existing decor, this see-through no smoking sticker will meet your needs. The 2 inch or 3 inch red and black no smoking symbol has a clear or see-through background so whatever surface you mount it to will show through. The no smoking symbol shows on both sides. Looks great on glass, wood grain or any other surface. These stickers are trimmed precisely around the outer edge of the red no smoking symbol, so it's a round sticker. Circular, die-cut sticker Choose your size: 2" (5.08 cm) or 3" diameter (7.6 cm) Red and black no smoking symbol, with see-through background inside the symbol Durable vinyl Easy peel-and-stick for quick application Apply sticker on just about any surface Glue is on the back of sticker No smoking symbol colors show on both sides. Sticker # QS3CC or QS2CC

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