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About Us

How We Became the #1 Online Community for Smoking Cessation

Founded in 1997, QuitSmoking began as a platform to promote smoking cessation online. Today, we operate more than 1,300 websites related to smoking cessation, including free information sites, online stores, news site, and the world's largest smoking cessation forum. The sites attract hundreds of thousands unique visitors each month.

Why We Care

Smoking is the direct cause of nearly one in five deaths (5.4 million) in the U.S., and one in ten deaths worldwide. 45.1 million Americans and 1.3 billion people worldwide smoke regularly. Smokers die an average of ten years sooner, and lose ten years of physical functioning in old age. Smokers pay an estimated $15,000 each year in smoking related expenses such as cigarettes, laundry, property damage and extra insurance.

The Invisible Threat

40% of Americans have a negative view of smokers, affecting dating prospects, college choice, job prospects, potential salary, etc. This negative attitude toward smokers is the most widely accepted prejudice in the U.S.

How We Help

74% of smokers say they would like to quit, but only 3-5% succeed in quitting without assistance. offers the needed assistance and support smokers need to quit and stay quit. So far, the Quit Smoking community, information and products have helped save 425,300 years of life and approximately $6-8 Billion in personal expenses for smokers.