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Dr. Tung's GumBrush

Dr. Tung's GumBrush

$ 7.00

This gum brush is designed for gentle gum massage. Ordinary toothbrush bristles are made for removing plaque off teeth and not for massaging gums. In fact, brushing with a toothbrush is considered the main cause of gum trauma and receding gums!

DrTung's GumBrush features a specialized, super-soft head with numerous, silicone 'fingers' (not toothbrush bristles) to pamper yet stimulate gums. For best results use with Gum Rejuv (tm) herbal gum treatment. The short bristles of the gumbrush are designed to capture and easily apply Gum Rejuv.

Designed for massaging and brushing sensitive and receding gums.

Use to massage gums and apply Rejuv for Gums massage oil.

Perfect for denture users

Includes a protective case

Actual size 4" x 0.75"

Dentists recommend gentle gum massage to stimulate gums and help keep them healthy.

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