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The Smoke Stops Here

The Smoke Stops Here

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"Your system has freed me from smoking. I no longer experience a hacking cough, I don't stink anymore and I feel better at 50 than I did at 30!" - Janelle, New Jersey

"The Smoke Stops Here" is a blend of fictional vignettes and facts that delivers a powerful, poignant and extraordinary look at nicotine addiction. It is a work of exceptional insight and value, uncluttered and unambiguous, unique among self-help books.

The author's coup lies in revealing smokers to themselves, achieved while maintaining a work that is enlightening, compassionate, often engrossing, always imaginative and even humorous. An easy gait and a home-spun philosophy prevail as the author explains his own escape from 20 years of nicotine addiction.

Essential health issues are also addressed, from vitamins the author used to repair years of damage to his own health from smoking, to the fear of weight gain, depression and stress smokers unnecessarily associate with quitting. 

Sample Chapter


The worst belief you can have when you quit smoking and fall off the smoking wagon is that your fall is fatal.


Slipping is a normal occurrence. While it's unproductive to program yourself from the outset that it's permissible to slip, it's a far worse thing to let addiction convince you that you've failed.

Let's assume you've quit smoking for nine days but that you slip on the tenth day.

Your natural reaction will be to measure your effort by the one day rather than by the nine. You'll feel that all your "good time" has been lost and that you're back at square one.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. The actual score is:

Bad guys..............................1 day
Good guys............................9 days

 No matter how you cut it, that's a 90% victory.

During those 9 fantastic days, your body purged toxins and poisons. The repair of your lungs was in full swing, your sense of smell was beginning to return and you were enjoying restful, peaceful sleep like you haven't had in years, to say nothing of the pride and the high you experienced.

Sure, you re-injured your body -- some -- but the one day's injury hardly compares with the 9 days of victory.

Remember the positives, not the 1 negative.

Were you cast out of life's mainstream during those 9 days? Did family, friends and loved ones turn their backs on you for making such an uppity decision as to quit smoking? Were you expelled from membership in the Beautiful Crowd? Were the smokers at the different fiestas you attended having more fun that you were?

Slipping is a natural occurrence. We don't ride a bike the first time we try, we don't cook a first meal without nearly cutting off a finger and we don't play Chopin's Minute Waltz in an hour, let alone anything close to a minute.

A broken leg, when healed, is actually stronger than it was before.

Slipping is a broken leg.


Success Stories

"You are doing really wonderful work!. Anytime I got the urge I hurried up and started reading "The Smoke Stops Here" and now I don't even think about smoking! My family's thanks to your team for caring about the health of people." - Elsir Abdalla

"Your uncanny insight and your presentation are stunning!" - George, NYC

"I'm a quitter. I quit in July 2003, thanks to your support!! It's been somewhat hard, because I had been smoking for 17 years, but I've done it! Wow!! Thank you!! You're great..Kathy" - Kathy Shultz

"Thank you. I have been fighting this lately with little hope for success because of so many failures. I was beginning to think it was hopeless. I couldn't get my head straight. I had just come from a hypnotherpist and was on my way to buy a pack of my best friends, the only ones that understood me. I found your web sight just in time. When I think of all the money I have spent trying to do something that is going to be so simple. This time I'm on my way to success on my long battle over cigarettes. Thank you again." - Carmen

"I never expected the support your tiny book provides. I didn't experience the fear that I thought I might! You certainly know your business! Thanks again!" - Geo

"No smoke! 3 months! Thanks!" - Cliff Geers

"Thank you for your program, I am still on the road to quitting but your "book of enlightenment" has motivated me to finally break the chains that bound me to smoking and much more. I appreciate your lessons on taking back control of my life." - Jennifer Huston

"Well, again, thank you! Your program is great! It's been 8 full days of non-smoking and I'm very happy to say no cheating either! Like your message today says, "I want to be a non-smoker more than I want a cigarette!" I'm am so excited that I finally kicked this nasty habit! Thanks again!" - Lonnie Williams

"My conviction is much greater than I had ever expected or hoped it could be. Thank you for your inspirational system. It has made my committment even greater! Thank you again!" - Linda Williams

"I have reached the 4-year mark of being quit and I owe it all to your wonderful system!" - DeeAnn, Miami, Florida, 2004

"Thanks for your inspiring thoughts on the deeper problems that make us do so many things that shame us later. Your thoughs are an achor to me in a very turbulent time of my life!" - Julia Rhomb

"An amazingly simple, down to Earth system. Language anyone can understand. I tried pills, hypnotism and all the rest, but nothing reached me like this. Wow what a fantastic system! Thanks, I'm through with smoking forever and I know it!" - Richard, Des Moines

"I am once again a non-smoker, except this time I know that it's for good. I purchased your program and my husband and I both quit!! I will keep telling everyone everywhere about your book and your system! Our children are so proud of us. Thank you again!" - Pam, Kentucky

"You have lifted me and given me an inner power that will remain the rest of my life! I had no idea why I really smoked." - Wanda, Los Angles, California

"You're the Best! Thank you, it is so nice to come home and find your powerful encouragement at my fingertips." - Judy Drayer

"'The Smoke Stops Here'" is everything you promised and more, without the gimmicks. I could not have done this without it." - Kenneth R., Toronto, Canada

"After purchasing your book, I stopped smoking and remain a non-smoker to this day!! Wahoo!! The tips on weight-gain were especially encouraging and useful. Thanks for all your help. It feels so wonderful to be smoke free!" - C. Mommsen, Vancouver, Washington

"Just want to share a joyous occassion. I took what felt like my first breath this morning. I don't know how I used to breathe! It used to feel like someone was sitting one me when I was breathing (I didn't realize this until now) and now it feels wonderful ... and it's only been about a month!! I can't wait to see what it'll feel like in a year!" - Riki

"Thank you, thank you! I have been fighting this lately with little hope for success because of so many failures in the past. I was beginning to think it was hopeless for me. I couldn't get my head straight. I had just come from a hypnotherpist and was on my way to buy a pack of my best friends, the only ones that understood me. I found your web sight just in time! When I think of all the money I have spent trying to do something that is going to be so simple, thanks to your uncanny system! This time I've won my long battle against cigarettes. Thank you again!" -  Carmen DeSantis, New York City, New York

"Your ideas are incredible! I quit a month ago. Whenever I get the urge I open any page of your book and read. Things just immediately fall into perspective." - Lisa Arredondo

"The Smoke Stops Here" keeps me reminded of all the reasons I quit for good!" - Carol S

"It works!" - Charlotte Chambers

"I quit smoking more than 20 weeks ago now, and sometimes when there is some life pressure on me to take a cigarette I just get my CD or book and read or listen, then I instantly change my mind and keep on going! Thank you so much for your help to keep me a non-smoker!!" - Elsir Abdalla

"I have just today not smoked. I was reading your book when it happened. The messages are all perfect! I keep the book handy to remind me why I divorced cigarettes! Thanks so much for your constant effort in saving all of us addicted and helpless people." - Marion Boudreaux

Thanks a lot for your selfless heart. May god bless you! Warm regards," - Dee Parkinson

"I would like to thank you so much for your help and ecouragement to assist me to stop smoking. Now I stopped smoking for eight months . I smoked for 19 years, but because of your help and wonderful assistance I managed to stop this bad habit. Thank you from the deep of my heart." - Ibram

"I wish I would have found your site earlier! I am quitting smoking and I am going on my 3rd day of not smoking from a 20 year habit. I haven't ever been able to stay quit this long! Anyway I do feel I am in more control of my life now that I feel I have a real chance of kicking this habit! Anyway its great you offer hope to so many! Good Luck!" - Mike Hansen

"Hi! I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF AND FEEL GREAT. Thanks to 'The Smoke Stops Here!' and the staff of the smoke stop. You do A GREAT JOB. Keep up the GREAT Work." -  Lori Jeffrey

"Thank you very much for this incredible book. It's the greatest!! I I take it with me everywhere. I am also giving your www. address to a lady who also wants to quit smoking! - Annette

"This coming Friday will be exactly 4 months since I put out my last cigarette. I feel so proud that I've actually achieved this, thanks to "The Smoke Stops Here!" - Mark Joyce

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your wonderful book!! It has put me on the on my journey to becoming a non-smoker!" - Carrie A. Schultz

"I have now been smoke free for 2 months and I AM VERY PROUD OF MYSELF. I feel great, look great, and I SMELL GREAT, thanks to YOU!" - William, Toronto, Canada

"Thanks to your no-nonsense approach, this begins my second year without smoking. I rarely think about cigarettes anymore and when I do I actually find myself laughing at the idea that I once smoked!" - Betty, Houston, Texas

"Your book ROCKS!! It actually kept me from smoking!! Keep up the great work! P.S. I have been smoke-free now for two and a half months!" - Sandra

"I really had forgotten what it felt like to feel young. I feel 100% better and it's only been since May 30, 2004. Thanks!!!" - Michael

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