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The NEW Stress-Response Diet and Lifestyle Program

The NEW Stress-Response Diet and Lifestyle Program

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The NEW Stress-Response Diet and Lifestyle Program Are you dieting and exercising yet cannot lose weight? Do you sleep through the night yet wake-up tired? Do you have insatiable cravings for sweets and carbs? Do you gain weight mainly around your midsection (Belly Fat)? Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious and that life is just out of control? Is your overall health deteriorating each year? All these symptoms stem from the same cause. STRESS.

In Bill Cortright's groundbreaking book The NEW Stress-Response Diet he reveals the secret of what it really takes to manage and master stress. Unmanaged stress is what causes metabolic upset and the downward spiral of our health while increasing our weight. Bill's original best selling book The Stress Response Diet revealed why stress was the main culprit in causing us to gain weight. In The NEW Stress Response Diet he reveals the results of testing over 4000 patients Stress Response at his EliteFitForever Wellness Clinics. Out of these amazing results came the updated version of The NEW Stress Response Diet book with completely updated diet and exercise regimens that creates a Total Metabolic Reset in just 30 Days.

Bill teams this book with award winning dietitian Alex Cortright, RD, LDN and exercise expert Luigi Pissani, M.S. to create a practical approach for managing the Stress Response and creating a lifetime of results. Bill shares his story of losing over 100 pounds and becoming a champion athlete. More important he shares his story of maintaining the 100-pound weight loss for 30-plus years as he heads into his mid-fifties.

The NEW Stress-Response Diet and Lifestyle Program is a hormone-balancing diet and exercise system to create optimal health, longevity and permanent weight loss.


"Bill has an amazing energy about him. I was honored to see him speak recently in Weston, Florida where he launched this book. The immense amount of knowledge, research, experience and passion he puts into speaking had me fired up and ready to dive into knowing more about my own body. Some of his key take aways from his lecture that had me intrigued about this book included: "You lose weight when you stop trying to lose weight" and that our "Biggest saboteur of weight loss is the spouse." These quote rang true for my own experience and I highly recommend this book for jumping in and taking charge of your stress so that you can get your body functioning to it's utmost potential."

"After seeing Bill speak recently I had to have the book and I spent all weekend reading it! As a former figure competitor, I thought I knew all there was to know about diet and nutrition. I have always followed a clean eating plan but unless I was prepping for a show, I never really achieved the lean look that I love. This book completely changed my outlook on all of that!! I've always been told to drink more water, I don't always like water so I've never been diligent. But when Bill said, you have to drink to shrink! I've been drinking more water than ever before thanks to this book. Thank you Bill!"

"I was lucky to be given this book by a friend. I ignored it because who wants to read a diet book that was given to them, right? Finally, after a couple of weeks of promises of how it helped my friend loose weight, I committed to read it. I'm am grateful I did. Unlike many other fad diets, Bill demonstrates through science, statistics and studies that my response to stress was the main reason for my belly weight. Applying simple techniques, I was able to control my response to stress, reduce my weight and live with more peace. Good book, new approach, liked the results in my life."

"This new Stress Response Diet has completely changed my life! It not only helped me lose weight that I struggled with for a very long time, but I also have more energy than I ever had before! I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a healthy lifestyle change."


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