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Dying to Quit

Dying to Quit

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Someone dies of a tobacco-related disease, somewhere in the world, every 10 seconds. Why do so many of us--one in every three persons worldwide--smoke? And what can science tell us about how we can stop? This book follows the smoking-life of a young woman hoping to quit, and explores the myths and mysteries of addiction, including:

  • the dubious notion that having an "addictive personality" dooms some people to a lifetime of smoking or other substance use
  • the relationship between smoking and weight
  • the documented dangers of secondhand smoke
  • the subtle presence of tobacco in films and television--and even in children's publications

Drawing on the work of blue-ribbon panels that examined hundreds of studies of smoking cessation, the author presents their recommendations, aimed not only at smokers, but also at government agencies, consumers, health insurers, and healthcare providers. The book has an extra feature: Its facts and statistics will be continually updated through a hypertext link at the National Academy Press' Web site. To keep the book current as a valuable resource, the facts will be continually updated as new scientific findings are published and presented.

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  • Hardback: Approx. 289 pages

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