This amazing system will give you the nutritional support you need to help you feel healthy and soothed while you change your habits. Many of these herbs have been used for hundreds of years!

The key formula in the SmokeRx System can assist your body in curbing your cravings to reduce your desire to smoke!

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SmokeRx- # 1 SMOKER'S SUPPORT PROGRAM IN AMERICA! The Best Value On the Internet!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed...Or Your Money Back...No Questions Asked!!

Why Spend A Fortune On Nicotine Patches and Gum and Other Questionable Products When You Can Get the Most Effective Product On the Market For Much Less?! Save A Bundle and Get Real Results

Feel Great, Feel Healthy, Feel Like A New Person and Save A Small Fortune By Kicking the Habit Today!

With A Three-Step Program That Is All-Natural, Safe and Easy With...NO Nicotine! NO Cravings! NO Withdrawals! NO Drugs! NO Bad Breath! NO Weight Gain! NO Discomfort! NO More Expense!

Read what actual users have said about SmokeRx:

"..this stuff is miraculous!" A.M., Haltom City, TX

"Quick shipping and a great product. SmokeRx really works." C.A., San Diego, CA

"I finally found something that worked! Thanks!" D.E., Litchfield, MI

"I smoked for 18 years and as much as two packs a day. I was finally able to quit with SmokeRx. Thank you so much." J.B., Swoyersville, PA

"(This is a) great product. My husband quit in 1 day after 16 years of smoking!" R.E., Mount Vernon, MO

"Wow...this really works. I quit smoking in about 6 days and haven't looked back!" D.M., New Castle, CO

"I Quit 3 in days! (SmokeRx) works great!" S.L., Walkertown, NC

"Thank you, and yes this stuff really works!" A.M., Topsham, ME


This System Includes Three Natural Formulas
for Nutritional and Aromatherapy Support

This amazing system will give you the nutritional support you need to help you feel healthy and soothed while you change your habits. Many of these herbs have been used for hundreds of years!

The key formula in the SmokeRx System can assist your body in curbing your cravings to reduce your desire to smoke!*

The system's unique herbal blend is formulated to temporarily reduce your desire to smoke while you change your lifestyle and become Smoke Free. The program's amazing Aromatherapy formulation works by infusing an herbal scent designed to provide a sense of relaxation and calm while dealing with the stress and tension of trying to quit.

Carry it with you for calming effect during times of high stress as an alternative to the inhalation of cigarette smoke. Instead of lighting up, you treat yourself to the cool soothing smells of eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary. It's amazing how something like this could be so easy!*

Our Risk Free Guarantee is Simple. If you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason, return to us all of the bottles, empty or full, within 90 days of purchase, along with a written request and receive a unconditional full refund (less s&h).

If you begin the ALL-NATURAL, NICOTINE FREE SmokeRx system right now, by next week you will have kicked the habit for good! We Guarantee It!

Forget about the expensive patches that fill your body with nicotine for anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks and have a low success ratio. In only seven days, the all natural ingredients in SmokeRx will assist in eliminating the nicotine and the craving to smoke from your body. You will be done with smoking easily...and permanently!

Kick the Nicotine Habit Naturally, Without More Nicotine!

NICOTINE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. Would you give an alcoholic a shot of whiskey to get him to quit? Would you give an overweight person doughnuts and double cheeseburgers to help her lose weight? Of course not. So why would anyone want to put MORE nicotine in their body when it is the nicotine they're trying to wean themselves off of?

To quit smoking, you eventually have to get off the nicotine, and withdrawal from nicotine is EXTRAORDINARILY unpleasant. It's the one thing that causes even the most committed "quitters" to relapse.

That's what makes SmokeRx so outstanding. Researchers have discovered a way to combine the all-natural healing properties of a unique variety of tried-and-true herbal formulas and aromatherapy to completely and naturally eliminate your body's need for nicotine.

The Dangers Of Smoking Are Serious and Deadly

  • Cigarette smokers have more than twice the risk of heart attack as non-smokers.
  • Cigarette smokers have two to four times the chance of cardiac arrest as non-smokers.
  • 390,000 American people die from the effects of smoking each year.
  • A pregnant smoker increases her baby's chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  • There are some 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke and 40 of these chemicals cause cancer.
  • Men are 22 times more likely to develop lung cancer by smoking and women are 12 times more likely.
  • Smoking increases your risk of some types of cancer, stroke, heart disease, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and other lung diseases.

With this three part system of herbal support and aromatherapy liquid, you get the support you need to help you break the habitual cycle! The three formulas are precisely fortified with a variety of natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Quit Smoking and save over $16,000.00!!

If you smoke two packs a day you will spend $16,425.00+ over the next 5 years! Your money is going up in smoke.

What would you do with an extra $16,000.00? Would you buy a new car? Pay off your credit cards? Put a down payment on a new home? Take a fabulous vacation?

Stop stealing from yourself and your family! Kicking the Habit Will Save You A Fortune!

Packs/Day** 1 Month 6 months 1 Year 5 years
½ Pack You Save $ 67.50 $ 410.63 $ 821.25 $ 4106.25
1 Pack You Save $ 135.00 $ 821.25 $ 1642.50 $ 8212.50
1½ Pack You Save $ 202.50 $ 1215.00 $ 2463.75 $ 12318.75
2 Packs You Save $ 270.00 $ 1642.50 $ 3285.00 $ 16425.00
2½ Packs You Save $ 337.50 $ 2053.13 $ 4106.25 $ 20531.25
3 Packs You Save $ 540.00 $ 3245.00 $ 6490.00 $ 32450.00

**At $4.50 per pack. Cigarette prices vary.

The Complete SmokeRx Kit is 100% All-Natural!
Here's What You Get in the SmokerRx Program

Formula A Nutritional Support
64 Capsules

The first is the Formula A. These capsules work on the habit of smoking, everything from lighting the cigarette and smoking it to all the surrounding habits. All the little habits not addressed in other "Stop Smoking" products which when ignored, start the deprivation process that in turn begins the "desire to smoke" process. This Anti-Addiction product acts as an eraser, stopping your craving and desire for a cigarette.

Contents of Formula A (Proprietary Blend)

Lobelia Powder (leaves/stems), Licorice Root Powder, Passion Flower Powder (leaves/stems), Sarsparilla Root Powder, Eleuthero Root, Echinacea Purpurea Herb (root), Elderberry Extract (flower), Ginger Root Powder, Barley Grass Powder (leaves), Bayberry Root Powder, Cayenne Pepper (dried fruit), Lemon Grass Powder (leaves), Peppermint Powder (leaf), Safflower Powder (flower), Bioperine Powder (dried fruit), Piper Longhum Powder (dried fruit).

Formula B Nutritional Support Cleanser
50 Capsules

Nicotine left in the system will act as another addictive substance and call for more. For a "Stop Smoking" program to be effective, one must be cleansed of the nicotine the body has stored. This step assists the body in removing the nicotine and flushes it out of the body. The body would rid itself of this stored nicotine naturally once a person quits tobacco use, but it could take many months. During that time, a former tobacco user would be vulnerable to the nicotine in the body demanding more. It is essential to rid the body of all the nicotine immediately. *

Contents of Formula B (Proprietary Blend)

Burdock Root Powder, Barley Grass Powder (leaves), GoldenSeal Powder (leaves/stems), Oregon Grape Powder (berberis aquifoliun) (root), Ox Bile Powder, Ginger Root Powder, Alfalfa Herb Powder (leaves/stems), Bayberry Root Powder, Buckthorn Bark Powder, Cascara Sagrada Powder (bark), Dandelion Root Powder, Hyssop Leaf Powder.

Formula C Aromatherapy Support
1 Fluid Ounce

The Aromatherapy in the SmokeRx program addresses the habitual craving that is associated with smoking. While on the SmokeRx Quit Smoking Support System program and thereafter, the Aroma therapy is used to disassociate the nervous system craving and demand center from the lighting up of a cigarette. The aromatherapy is applied underneath the nose, on the left and right temple as well as on the lower forehead to create an encompassing sensation of aroma. The aromatherapy occurs in a timeframe of approximately 2-3 minutes replacing the craving for a cigarette and subsequently combating the addiction process.

Contents of Formula C

Ylang-Ylang Oil, Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lemon Oil, Camphor Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, White Mineral Oil.

Nutritional Support Maintenance FormulaSmokeRX Maintenance Formula
50 Capsules

The Nutritional Support Maintenance program is an optional formula available for sale separate from the kit designed to be used as needed only after completing the main program. The ingredients are designed to help you suppress any lingering cravings so you can stay smoke free for good.

Contents of Nutritional Support Maintenance (Proprietary Blend)

Lobelia Powder (leaves/stems), Licorice Root Powder, Passion Flower Powder (leaves/stems), Sarsparilla Root Powder, Eleuthero Root, Echinacea Purpurea Herb (root), Elderberry Extract (flower), Ginger Root Powder, Barley Grass Powder (leaves), Bayberry Root Powder, Cayenne Pepper (dried fruit), Lemon Grass Powder (leaves), Peppermint Powder (leaf), Safflower Powder (flower), Bioperine, Powder (dried fruit), Piper Longhum Powder (dried fruit).

The SmokeRx System Works Quickly & Naturally!

BONUS! For a limited time, your SmokeRx program includes a free bottle of the Maintenance Formula. We want you to succeed! This is a $19.95 value, yours free with your kit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects?
As with any substance taken internally for food or dietary purposes, the key is moderation. This program has been put carefully together with safety in mind and has achieved a synergy between the ingredients that are part of the product. One of the key ingredients, Lobelia, is said to help with coughs, bronchitis, respiratory conditions and more. If for any reason you have an uneasy stomach from this ingredient cut back to one (1) capsule per day. If symptoms persist stop taking this product. We suggest this cautious approach with any herbal product you take.

Is SmokeRx safe?
YES. However, SmokeRx should not be used by pregnant or nursing women. In addition, if you are taking any medication or have any health concerns, consult your physician before using SmokerRx.

What will happen if I smoke while on the program?
We suggest that you do not smoke while you are taking this product. If you were to smoke a cigarette while on the program you may experience an uneasy stomach.

Is this program for men and women?
YES. All the ingredients in the SmokeRx kit work the same way in both women and men.

Will SmokeRx help with other nicotine products like chewing tobacco?
YES. The ingredients in SmokeRx work to help with all nicotine addictions, which includes chewing tobacco and snuff.

How does the program eliminate withdrawal symptoms?
One of the key ingredients in the formula had been used in India for centuries to help treat opium addiction. It is a calming herb that reduces anxiety and helps ease withdrawal jitters.

How does SmokeRx make me not want to smoke?
Lobelia Inflata (also known as Indian tobacco) contains an alkaloid similar to nicotine. This alkaloid reduces the desire for nicotine because it is thought to bind to the nicotine receptors in the body. Other ingredients help to relieve the stress of nicotine withdrawal.

This Kit Retails for $79.95, So Buy With Confidence At Our Guaranteed Low LIMITED TIME OFFER Price Of Just $49.95!

You Will Receive:

  • 1 Bottle of Craving Control Formula
  • 1 Bottle of Cleanse & Calm Formula
  • 1 Bottle of Aromatherapy Formula
  • Instruction Manual
  • BONUS! Free bottle of Maintenance Formula

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