I Quit Smoking! Hypnosis Program (CD Audio)

The I Quit Smoking! methods of hypnosis unleash the power of the unconscious mind to eliminate cravings for cigarettes and the urge to smoke. After all, if a person loses their cravings for cigarettes and the urge to smoke, quitting simply becomes a thought or a decision that anyone can make.

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Take the I Quit Smoking! challenge and escape from smoking in just a couple of hours.

Think back for a moment on all the times you have tried to quit smoking. How many times have you tried without success? Does it make you feel weak and like a failure? Fantastic! You are about to be among the thousands who successfully quit smoking in spite of feeling hopeless and unable to overcome their compulsions and addictions.

The problem with the ways you have tried to quit smoking before is that you didn't address the most important mechanism in your habit: Your brain!

If you tried to quit smoking using nicotine patches or nicotine gum, all that you did was to continue feeding your addiction to nicotine. But you failed because you continued to crave the cigarettes. And that's because those cravings come from your psychological addiction, and not from your physical addiction to nicotine!

If you tried to quit cold turkey, you were out there all alone, guessing how to become a non-smoker. But unless you took specific steps to CHANGE YOUR MIND about smoking and cravings and withdrawal symptoms, you were just like a 5 year old child who is suddenly put in a college calculus class. You were lost without a hope of succeeding!

You can't expect to beat your nicotine addiction and habit and withdrawal symptoms unless you give your brain specific tools, techniques and commands.

Your brain needs simple lessons to help it function as a non-smoker's brain would function. Let's be real here: quitting smoking is a thought problem, not a substance addiction problem. If you can learn to change your thoughts, you can quit smoking. After all, what is the impulse to smoke? What is your perception of cravings or withdrawal? THEY ARE ALL THOUGHTS IN YOUR MIND. You THINK you need a cigarette. You THINK you will go crazy without one. Change your thoughts and you control your life--you control your smoking habit.

You're probably wondering, "I've smoked for years. How can I possibly change my thoughts about my smoking addiction?" That's a great question. Your conscious mind wants to hold on to "safe" comfortable thoughts, and that's the old you, the smoking you. If you try to tell your conscious mind that you are no longer a smoker, it just laughs in your face and asks "Where's my next cigarette?"

You have to circumvent your conscious mind and reprogram your subconscious mind--the part of your brain that obeys whatever you tell it to do. The problem is your conscious mind doesn't want to release its control, and it doesn't like to let programming through to your subconscious.

How can you get passed the conscious mind so you can make permanent change?


No, not the embarrassing stage hypnosis shows you might have seen. These are the serious, legitimate hypnosis techniques recognized since 1958 by the American Medical Association (AMA) as an effective treatment for many different human challenges.

Hypnosis works by accessing the power of your Alpha brain waves. Everyone passes through the Alpha level of consciousness as you fall asleep at night, and again as you wake up. Hypnosis places your brain in the Alpha mind state, allowing instructions to reach deep within your unconscious mind, circumventing your conscious "gatekeeper." By reprogramming your unconscious thoughts without the interference of your conscious mind, you can make instantaneous and permanent changes.

If you've ever been driving a car and suddenly realized you didn't remember driving the last few miles, then you've experienced hypnosis. Notice as a small child sits mesmerized in front of the television watching their favorite cartoon and you'll see hypnosis in action.

I Quit Smoking! steps you through everything that is necessary to make rapid life altering changes through hypnosis. While 99% of the hypnosis quit smoking programs available today are based on "Traditional Hypnosis," this program utilizes much more powerful "Ericksonian" forms of hypnosis as well as "NLP" techniques.

These methods are excellent for people who tend to be overly critical or analytical in their thinking, or people who question everything said to them.

Everyone responds differently to each type of hypnosis. So you get multiple hypnotic sessions. Each session uses a broad range of methods to guarantee that you will be successful.

The part of you that won't let you stop smoking is your unconscious mind. You can’t change your unconscious by force of will. You need help. The right kind of help.

The I Quit Smoking! methods of hypnosis unleash the power of the unconscious mind to eliminate cravings for cigarettes and the urge to smoke. After all, if a person loses their cravings for cigarettes and the urge to smoke, quitting simply becomes a thought or a decision that anyone can make.

"But How Can Hypnosis Possibly Take Away My Cravings And Break My Addiction?"

There are three parts to the smoking addiction:

Part 1 is a mental program called habituation, or "Habit.". This is where the unconscious mind has made an association between smoking and other behaviors like drinking coffee, or watching TV. As soon as you watch TV, for instance, you get a strong craving.

The I Quit Smoking! methods reprogram these unconscious associations so that watching TV, for example, actually compels you to REJECT cigarettes! This is called extinguishing a conditioned response.

Part 2 is where you smoke for relaxation and pleasure. This mental program is written when an infant gets cranky, and its mother puts a bottle in its mouth. The baby gets distracted, relaxes, and falls asleep.

With the I Quit Smoking! methods, the unconscious mind is reprogrammed to receive relaxation and pleasure by having it use stress producing thoughts to automatically trigger relaxing thoughts instead. This makes the tension magically disappear.

Part 3 is a physical addiction to nicotine. Clients who use NLP & Hypnosis methods to quit smoking find that when Parts 1 & 2 are reprogrammed, the physical addiction is actually such a small component, that it has no bearing on their ability to quit. Thus they never miss the cigarettes.

So, it's time for you to take the I Quit Smoking! hypnosis challenge:

We Guarantee You Can Quit Smoking Now -- Or We Will Buy This Program Back From You!

No matter how much you smoke...or how long you've been smoking...you can quit smoking

  • Without Anxiety
  • Without Weight Gain
  • Without Cravings
  • Without Irritability
  • Without Withdrawal

Ordering I Quit Smoking! Will Make You:

  • Quit Smoking Automatically
  • Feel Better
  • Breathe Easier
  • Feel More Relaxed
  • Have More Energy
  • Save Thousands Of Dollars On Cigarettes
  • Fit In With Today's Non-Smoking Crowd
  • Feel Tremendous Self-Esteem

Owning these quit smoking hypnosis CDs will allow you to throw away your cigarettes on the very first day of the program. Experience what it is like to go through a complete series of private hypnosis sessions (seven) for a cigarette addiction.

Sessions # 2, 4, & 5 in the series teach you how to visualize the same exact NLP thought patterns that are utilized in our exclusive Neuro-VISION Video Hypnosis Series. (The Neuro-VISION Video Hypnosis technology is available for purchase separately on this site.)

Imagine your life after breaking your smoking habit:

You have an extra $1,500 to $2,000 in your pocket each year. You smell better. Your smile is brighter. Your skin is clearer. You have more stamina and energy. You can breath more easily. You feel better. You are in control of your own life.

Aren't you ready to break free?

Here's what you get when you order I Quit Smoking!:

This program consists of 7 "office sessions"

I Quit Smoking! hypnosis program

We compress 7 Hypnosis Sessions on 7 CD's down to the same exact 7 Hypnosis Sessions on 2 CD's to save you $44.00 and a lot of clutter.

I Quit Smoking! hypnosis program cover

Program comes on Two CD's The in-office professional fee for this program is $560.00 but you get the home use audio program at a fraction of the price. Plus your success is backed by our 90 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.

The audio CD program is broken down into chapters so that once you have gone through the educational portions of each session, you can easily jump to just the hypnosis and NLP portion of any session.

Foreword by Alan B. Densky. I'll tell you a little bit about myself and my way of doing things. I discuss the behavioral changes that are about to automatically take place for you.

Session 1: Knowledge Is Power. When clients come into my office, I don't just plop them down in a chair and start a hypnotic session. Knowledge is power, and it accelerates and amplifies anyone's success. So in Session 1 we discuss the different therapeutic approaches used in each session; how to obtain the best results; realistic expectations; the common misconceptions about hypnosis; the difference between a "Patient" and a "Client"; what compels you to smoke; and the three prerequisites for effortlessly quitting smoking.

Session 2: NLP Technique - Flash Away Cravings. There are very powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques that can be used to "flip" things around in the unconscious, so that things that used to trigger urges and oral cravings actually eliminate them! The same techniques can be used to cause the unconscious to use stress producing thoughts to trigger relaxation instead.

The NLP techniques used in this program are the foundation of our Neuro-VISION Video Hypnosis Programs (sold separately here). (With Neuro-VISION, the need to visualize is eliminated because the video does the visualizations for the viewer.) In this session, you learn how to use these NLP visualizations to train the unconscious to automatically eliminate conditioned response type urges to smoke.

Conditioned responses take place when a person pairs two behaviors together. For example: If you smoke when you have a cup of coffee, the unconscious will pair these two behaviors together so that each time you drink coffee in the future, you will get an urge to smoke!

Session 3: This is the first induction of hypnosis, and we utilize gentle methods to guide you into a blissful, deep state of relaxation. Post hypnotic suggestions are given to the unconscious to eliminate stress and cravings. NLP techniques are used to help you create and anchor feelings of self-esteem, which are then linked to remaining a non-smoker in the unconscious mind. This is critical to increasing your motivation to do what is necessary to feel good about being a non-smoker. It sends the unconscious in a direction to motivate permanent success.

Session 4: Flash Away Stress. In this session, you learn how to use NLP visualizations to train the unconscious to automatically eliminate disturbing thoughts and stress.

Session 5: NLP Technique - The Chop. The Chop is an NLP technique that I invented to install an aversion to cigarettes. This one can really make cigarettes into a major turnoff.

Session 6: Hypnosis for relaxation using metaphor. I explain how Ericksonian Hypnotic Metaphors work. Then I use a metaphor to create and deepen the hypnotic state and direct the unconscious mind to eliminate cravings, urges, and compulsions so that any residual cravings are crushed, and the ex-smoker's appetite to overeat is vaporized! NLP techniques to anchor self-esteem and connect it to remaining a non-smoker are reinforced.

Session 7: Hypnotic Process instructions are generalized instructions to the unconscious to retrieve memories where prior learning has taken place, and then to utilize those learning experiences to make the desired changes in an automatic fashion. In this session you are guided into a profound state of hypnosis. In this state, the unconscious learns how to substitute pleasant memories and fantasies in place of cigarettes or food and drink to produce relaxation and pleasure. This goes a long way towards eliminating stress, as well as cravings and the compulsion to smoke or substitute food in place of cigarettes. NLP techniques to anchor self-esteem and connect them to never smoking again are reinforced.

Order today and receive the following FREE Bonus:

16 Page downloadable PDF guidebook filled with the Tips, Tricks, and Educational Information you need to be permanently successful. Value $12.97.

Even if for some strange reason you elect to return the program within our Exclusive 90 Day "I'll Buy It Back From You" no questions asked Money Back Guarantee period, you get to keep the FREE Bonus with my compliments!

This is Your Chance to Quit Smoking Once and For All

Put all your failed quit smoking attempts behind you and defeat your habit with the I Quit Smoking! hypnosis program. Listen to the CDs and your addiction to cigarettes will be destroyed automatically. Order today and be free of smoking forever!

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