Neuro-VISION: Quit Smoking in a FLASH

Quit Smoking in a Flash! is a video program that will help you eliminate your cravings, urges and compulsions to smoke, so that you can quit smoking without suffering from withdrawal. And best of all, willpower is not necessary because your new behaviors will come naturally - from your subconscious thoughts

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Summary Of What This Program Will Do For You

Quit Smoking in a Flash! is a video program that will help you eliminate your cravings, urges and compulsions to smoke, so that you can quit smoking without suffering from withdrawal. And best of all, willpower is not necessary because your new behaviors will come naturally - from your subconscious thoughts.

The program includes a copy of Quit Smoking In A Flash! Video Hypnosis Technology. This hypnotherapy technology is so effective that the US Government issued a Patent to protect it.

Have you ever watched a child sit mesmerized in front of a television, completely entranced by the images on the screen? If you have every tried to get the attention of a child in this state of mind you probably found they were oblivious to everything going on around them. The video image was so powerful, so compelling, that the child was literally HYPNOTIZED by it.

Video has an amazing ability to alter and compel behavior. TV advertisers have known this for years and have capitalized on it! Advertisers spend billions of dollar to send messages to you, convincing you to part with your hard-earned money to buy their "new and improved" shampoo or the latest SUV.

Video advertising works because it reaches your unconscious mind. You see it. You hear it. You also unconsciously accept the messages into the unquestioning part of your brain.

Now you can apply hypnotic video technology to your smoking habit!


In 1978, Alan B. Densky began specializing in the use of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for appetite control and smoking cessation. In the process of working with thousands of clients, he uncovered a dirty little secret.


Traditional hypnosis tapes, and traditional hypnosis methods, for that matter, actually have a very poor track record of success, because these methods rely upon the patient listening to a hypnotist’s spoken words.

First of all, our generation has been taught to question everything. And that’s why most people do the opposite of what they are told to do. So, the truth is, direct post-hypnotic suggestions almost never work.

Second, over 70% of the population learns much more quickly and easily by seeing, rather than by hearing. Think about it. If you feel an urge to eat or smoke when watching television, it’s because your mind recorded the video image of either food in your hand, or a cigarette in your hand, and then associated that image with the image of the TV. You never spoke to yourself and told yourself in words to associate them together, did you?

Mr. Densky began developing a video solution to hypnosis called Neuro-VISION, and in 1988 received a US Patent for the technology. Neuro-VISION is a form of video hypnosis. And, if you’ve ever cried when watching a sad movie, then you know how effective video hypnosis can be at reaching the unconscious mind.

Neuro-VISION is a computerized video, so rather then listening to a hypnotist’s words, your mind learns to automatically change feelings and visual associations at the unconscious level using visual movies.

The Neuro-VISION video method trains your unconscious through a high-tech simulation process called computerized digital optics. This frees you of your compulsions, urges, and tensions and allows a smoker to quit effortlessly. Results start with the very first viewing!

Just take a look at some of these case histories to see what users of the Neuro-VISION technology have to say.

"I would highly recommend Neuro-VISION...I was smoking 20 to 30 cigarettes a day...I would highly recommend Neuro-VISION to anyone who wants to quit smoking!” Mark Miller
"I smoked about two packs a day, for about 20 years. I never really tried to quit, because I just knew I couldn't. I was scared, and I figured I would be real cranky. I was very skeptical about the program when I read about Neuro-VISION I thought it wouldn't work, when I thought well, it has to work because the mans been in business for boo-ku years...The video is excellent. It really is very relaxing...And then, the tape that you listen to is very relaxing...I feel it was definitely worth the money!" Julie Currie
"Believe it or not, I smoked 60 years, and I averaged anywhere from two to three cartons a week. Several times I tried to quit, I'd climb the walls, I was more miserable, and I think my family appreciated me smoking...I heard from a friend, that Neuro-VISION had helped them...This program, in my opinion, just couldn't be matched..." John Hadley
"I smoked about 3 packs a day for better than 30 years. I tried to quit smoking on several different occasions. I’d get nervous, I’d get cranky, everything would go to pot on the job, so I’d just start smoking again. I heard about Neuro-VISION from my wife’s doctor...It was well worth the money." Ron Galic
"I'm absolutely flabbergasted! Nothing could stop me. I was smoking 3 packs a day for 35 years or more, and now I'm flabbergasted!" Ruth Chrisman

Neuro-VISION has been licensed for use in 253 clinics. Patients in Mr. Densky's clinic pay $400.00 to quit smoking, and from $600.00 to $2500.00 to lose their appetite, and their weight. But now, Mr. Densky has decided to make this technology available for you to use right in your own home, at a fraction of the cost of a visit to his clinic.

You'll want to order this right away so you don't delay what you obviously want--TO QUIT SMOKING!

You Can Quit Smoking

No matter how much you smoke...or how long you've been smoking...

...Neuro-VISION can help you quit smoking

  • Without Anxiety
  • Without Irritability
  • Without Cravings
  • Without Weight Gain
  • Without Withdrawal

Ordering Neuro-VISION Will Help You:

  • Quit Automatically
  • Feel Much More Relaxed
  • Stop Coughing
  • Breathe Easier
  • Feel Better
  • Have More Energy
  • Save Thousands Of Dollars On Cigarettes
  • Fit In With Today's Non-Smoking Crowd
  • Feel Tremendous Self-Esteem

This program is safe to use and it is effective. It has helped thousands of heavily addicted smokers of all ages to throw away their cigarettes and become non-smokers. And they didn't have to suffer through stress, withdrawal, or weight gain.

Most smokers quit on the very first viewing of Neuro-VISION!

The most powerful instrument in our reality is the human mind. The most powerful tool of persuasion is the television! Neuro-VISION combines the power of the mind with the persuasive power of your own television, to enable you to let go of smoking.

Here's what you get with this program:

  • Neuro-VISION 60-minute Quit Smoking In-A-Flash Video Hypnosis DVD
  • 60-minute Deep Relaxation hypnosis meditation CD specifically designed to accompany the DVD. This CD contains two different Ericksonian style hypnotic relaxation metaphors with instructions.
  • 16 page guidebook (Downloadable PDF ebook)

When You Tried To Quit Before Did You Feel Nervous?

You've probably tried to quit smoking several times, but you got tense and nervous, and your cravings and urges to smoke took over, forcing you to light up. Perhaps you began to eat everything in sight. According to Mr. Densky, 90% of the smoking addiction is mental, and only 10%, is a physical addiction to nicotine.

Why Can't I Stop Smoking?

The part of you that won't let you stop smoking is your unconscious mind. You can’t change your unconscious by force of will. You need help. The right kind of help.

Neuro-VISION unleashes the power of your unconscious mind to eliminate cravings for cigarettes and the urge to smoke. After all, if a person loses their cravings for cigarettes and the urge to smoke, quitting simply becomes a decision that anyone can make.

But How Can Neuro-VISION Possibly Take Away My Cravings And Break My Addiction?

There are three parts to the smoking addiction:

Part 1 is a mental program called habituation, or "Habit.".

This is where the unconscious mind has made an association between smoking and other behaviors like drinking coffee, or watching TV. As soon as you watch TV, for instance, you get a strong craving.

Neuro-VISION reprograms these unconscious associations so that watching TV, for example, actually compels you to NOT smoke! This is called extinguishing a conditioned response.

Part 2 is where people smoke for relaxation and pleasure.

This mental program is written when an infant gets cranky, and it's mother puts a bottle in it's mouth. It gets distracted, relaxes, and falls asleep.

Neuro-VISION reprograms the mind to get relaxation and pleasure by having it use stress producing thoughts to automatically trigger relaxing thoughts instead. This makes the tension magically disappear.

Neuro-VISION Diminishes The Power Of Nicotine!

Part 3 is a physical addiction to Nicotine.

Clients who use Neuro-VISION to quit find that when Parts 1 & 2 are reprogrammed, the physical addiction is actually such a small component, that it has no bearing on a person's ability to quit and never miss the cigarettes.

You've been struggling with your smoking habit for a long time. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this and looking for a solution. Neuro-VISION is a proven solution that has helped literally thousands of smokers to break free from slavery to cigarettes.

This patented video technology can work for you, right in the privacy and comfort of your own home, at a fraction of the cost Mr. Densky charges clients at his clinic. Order this video today and take back your life and health. Get control. Save money. Feel better and be free!

Your satisfaction and results come with a money back guarantee. If you aren't satisfied -- no, thrilled with the results, simply return it for a refund.

Don't hesitate. This quit smoking solution is just a click away. Order Neuro-VISION today!

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