Neuro VISION Lose Weight in a Flash

This program will help eliminate your cravings, urges and compulsions to eat. Put another way, it will eliminate your appetite. The program will also increase your motivation and give you a burning desire from within to do everything you need to get your weight off, while at the same time making you become a more relaxed individual.

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This program will help eliminate your cravings, urges and compulsions to eat. Put another way, it will eliminate your appetite. The program will also increase your motivation and give you a burning desire from within to do everything you need to get your weight off, while at the same time making you become a more relaxed individual. No willpower is required because all of your new behaviors will come naturally - from your subconscious mind.

This program includes a copy of Vaporize Your Appetite! audio hypnosis & NLP program. Plus, you get a copy of Lose Weight In A Flash! Video Hypnosis Technology. This technology is so effective that the US Government issued a Patent to protect it.


You've read and heard the statistics: We are getting fatter than ever. From young to old, the numbers tell the tale: obesity is epidemic. Why?

There are numerous explanations, but here's one that you probably haven't heard: We've been programmed, hypnotized--if you will--to purchase and eat more and larger portions of everything, especially junk food, sugary soft drinks and fast food.

How did this happen? What could possibly have such a powerful, insidious effect on so many millions of people? The answer is sitting in your living room. It's your television.

Yes, advertisers have slowly and deliberately hypnotized you. They peddle their empty calories using the most powerful and effective advertising medium ever invented: TV commercials.

Commercials are carefully crafted to entice and motivate. They literally can make your mouth water as you watch a sizzling steak being delivered to a table or a luscious candy bar being devoured by an overly happy, and physically fit actor (have you ever seen an overweight person in a commercial for food?)

What's happening during these commercials?

You are being hypnotized!

Your mind is being programmed to want...even NEED...a candy bar of your own, right NOW!

The video is zoomed in on the candy bar so it covers the entire screen. You see practically every grain of processed sugar, they get so close!

And guess what? You are probably salivating right now, at this very moment, just from this description, aren't you? (No drooling, please!) Your mind has conjured up images stored deep in your brain when you watched commercials long ago.

Can you see how powerful the video images on TV can be? Yes, they can control even your physical reactions!

You've been hypnotized
and you didn't even know it.

It's scary! No wonder people are gaining weight at suicidal rates. No wonder losing weight and keeping it off is so difficult.

What can you do to defeat this mind control?

First, of course, you can stop watching TV commercials. But what about the programming that advertisers have already embedded in your brain? How do you remove it and reprogram your thoughts?

With video, of course!

Video created the problem. Video will provide your solution.

Neuro-VISION Video Hypnosis Will Make You:

  • Lose your urges and cravings
  • Lose the compulsion to overeat
  • Feel tremendous motivation
  • Lose weight quickly & automatically
  • Look and feel years younger
  • Be able to look in the mirror and see a thin, sexy body looking back at you
  • Hear compliments from friends and family

Now you can apply hypnotic video technology to vaporize your compulsion to eat! By ordering Neuro-VISION you will:

  • Look and feel better than ever
  • Feel tremendous self-esteem
  • Feel total confidence
  • Feel gloriously relaxed

The mind creates the appetite, so the mind can eliminate it. Once Neuro-VISION reprograms your mind and eliminates your appetite, you can use any healthy diet to lose weight. But you really don't need a diet, you just need to lose the urge to eat and then eat correctly!

This is the world's most effective video weight loss hypnosis & audio hypnosis appetite / weight control program available anywhere at any price!

Ordering this program will allow you to experience what it is like to personally come into my office and go through a complete series of private weight loss hypnosis sessions (six). In the office, we combine lose weight hypnosis sessions with viewings of our exclusive Neuro-VISION Video Hypnosis technology.

My "Lose Weight In A Flash!" program combines our Neuro-VISION Video Hypnosis DVD technology with our "Vaporize Your Appetite!" audio hypnosis CD program. The audio Hypnosis CDs offer a powerful combination of Traditional Hypnosis, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

This program steps you through everything that is necessary to make rapid life altering changes. While 99% of the Hypnosis tape programs available today are based on "Traditional Hypnosis," my program utilizes much more powerful "Ericksonian" forms of Hypnosis as well as "NLP" techniques.

These hypnosis CDs are excellent for people who tend to be overly critical or analytical in their thinking, or people who question everything said to them.

Everyone responds differently to each type of hypnosis. So I provide you with multiple hypnotic sessions. Each session uses a broad range of methods to guarantee that you will be successful.

Before you use pills, surgery, radical diets or any other drastic weight loss measures, you owe it to yourself to evaluate these Hypnosis CDs to control obesity.

  • Lose your taste for fattening foods
  • Feel full as soon as you start eating
  • Lose your appetite for fats
  • Eat like a thin person
  • Crave healthy food
  • Become motivated to exercise
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Increase your desire to drink water

Whether you have 10 or 20 pounds to lose...or over a 100 pounds to lose...hypnosis sessions by Alan B. Densky will help you lose your weight and quickly and successfully reach your goals. My Hypnosis CDs will help you to shift your thinking so that you lose your cravings, urges, and compulsions to eat. Without an appetite, you'll quickly become thinner and more attractive.

Here are just some of the many testimonials from people who used Neuro-VISION Lose Weight In A Flash

"I like what I see when I look in the mirror..." -- Debbie Dunn


"My best decision was to call Neuro-VISION." -- Madeline Denbo


"I'm thrilled." -- Roseanne Liebermann


"I used to eat a lot, mostly when I would get upset...I recommend this program to my friends." -- Violet Does

This Describe You?

You hate what you look like. You stay away from mirrors, and scales because you are so frustrated with your weight. You know all the reasons you should lose weight. You really want to get in better shape. You're tired of huffing and puffing when you walk. You clothes don't fit, and since you hate your body, you hate shopping for clothes because you look fat in everything that you try on. You hate feeling unattractive.

You’ve Tried To Lose Weight, But Failed!

You’ve tried every imaginable diet pill, crazy diet, starvation method and exercise gadgets to help yourself lose weight...and failed. You’ve become discouraged, disheartened and depressed. You’ve even considered liposuction and gastric bypass surgery. You feel like a hopeless case.

Here Is The Question That You Should Ask!

I've been to the best diet centers in town and they couldn't help. So why will this program be successful?

You have probably been to many diet centers or tried dozens of diets without success. Sometimes losing some weight, only to put it back on when the first little problem cropped up in your life.

And that is the problem, traditional diet centers teach you what to eat and when to eat it (diet control). But what good is a diet if you can't stick to it because your appetite is out of control?

I'll Let You In On A Secret

Traditional hypnosis methods actually have a very poor track record of success, and they are totally obsolete. (You'll receive Traditional Hypnosis Tapes when you purchase recordings from 99% of those that are available on the Internet and in stores)

What’s obsolete about them, you ask? Our generation has been taught to question everything. And that’s why most people do the opposite of what they are told to do. So, the truth is, direct post-hypnotic suggestions almost never work.

I utilize mostly Ericksonian Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques in my recordings. They work exceptionally well with people who are analytical as well as those who don't like to be told what to do! (I am the author of various published books on Ericksonian Hypnosis & NLP. These books have been purchased by scores of therapists since the mid 1980's.)

You Can't Control Your Appetite By Using Logic!

The appetite is controlled by the unconscious mind, and therefore, a person's appetite defies conscious logic. And you can't control your unconscious by using brute willpower either, because the unconscious is stronger than anyone's willpower.

What you need is a way to write new "programs" in your unconscious so that relaxation and the loss of cravings and urges becomes automatic, just like your cravings and urges to eat are automatic now.

Everyone is different, so everyone needs a hypnotic approach that is molded to their way of processing thought. In the office, as a trained Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, I can watch and listen and pick out the client's favored representational systems to mold my technique to him/her. On a recorded program, I accomplish this by using a broad spectrum of hypnotic methods in each session so that one or more methods will be effective for your particular way of mental processing.

Here's Your Weight Loss Solution

The "Lose Weight In A Flash!" program combines our audio Hypnosis "Vaporize Your Appetite!" program with our Neuro-VISION Video Hypnosis technology on DVD.

With Neuro-VISION, the need to visualize is eliminated because the video does the visualizations for you. (See Session 6 below)

In very simplistic terms, the Neuro-VISION video programs the unconscious, through computerized digital optics, to automatically forget about food. This causes a loss of cravings, urges, and oral compulsions. This happens especially when watching TV, working on the computer, or seeing others eat, etc. (Conditioned response type urges.)

Neuro-VISION also trains the unconscious to automatically forget about the problems and irritations in your life that are causing stress. This makes you much more relaxed. And since tension causes oral cravings, the viewer loses oral cravings and urges to eat. (Stress caused urges.)

Vaporize Your Appetite! CD Program:

The CD program is broken down into chapters so that once you have gone through the educational portions of each session, you can easily jump to just the hypnosis and NLP portion of any session.

Foreword by Alan B. Densky. I'll tell you a little bit about myself and my way of doing things. I discuss the behavioral changes that are about to automatically take place for you.

Session 1: Knowledge Is Power. When clients come into my office, I don't just plop them down in a chair and start a hypnotic session. Knowledge is power, and it accelerates and amplifies anyone's success. So in Session 1 we discuss the different therapeutic approaches used in each session; how to obtain the best results; realistic expectations; the common misconceptions about hypnosis; the difference between a "Patient" and a "Client"; the difference between "Appetite Control" and "Diet Control"; and the three reasons why people overeat.

Session 2: This is the first induction of hypnosis, and we utilize gentle methods to guide you into a blissful, deep state of relaxation. NLP techniques are used to help you create and anchor feelings of self-esteem, which are then linked to weight loss in the unconscious mind. This is critical to increasing a person's motivation to do what is necessary to lose weight. It sends the unconscious in a direction to motivate weight loss.

Session 3: Advanced induction of hypnosis. I explain how Ericksonian Hypnotic Metaphors work. Then I use a metaphor to create and deepen the hypnotic state and direct the unconscious mind to eliminate cravings, urges, and compulsions so that the appetite to overeat is vaporized! NLP techniques to anchor self-esteem and connect it to weight loss are reinforced.

Session 4: Process instructions are generalized instructions to the unconscious to retrieve memories where prior learning has taken place, and then to utilize those learning experiences to make the desired changes in an automatic fashion. In this session, your unconscious learns how to substitute pleasant memories and fantasies in place of food and drink to produce relaxation and pleasure. This goes a long way towards eliminating stress, as well as cravings and the compulsion to overeat. NLP techniques to anchor self-esteem and connect them to the loss of weight are reinforced.

Session 5: Hypnosis for correct eating habits. Let's face it, hypnosis can't really make a person lose weight. But it can help to eliminate stress and appetite. To lose weight, a person must eat the correct foods, in the correct amounts, as well as adopt behaviors that are conducive to accelerating the metabolic rate. This session utilizes an Ericksonian metaphor to create and deepen the hypnotic state, as well as direct the unconscious to make the listener more tranquil at all times. Unique logical directions are offered to the unconscious to motivate you into eating right. NLP techniques to anchor self-esteem and connect them to the loss of weight are reinforced.

Session 6: NLP Techniques. There are very powerful NLP techniques that can be used to "flip" things around in the unconscious, so that things that used to trigger urges and oral cravings actually eliminate them! The same techniques can be used to cause the unconscious to use stress producing thoughts to trigger relaxation instead.

The NLP techniques used in this program are the foundation of our Neuro-VISION Video Hypnosis Programs. (With Neuro-VISION, the need to visualize is eliminated because the video does the visualizations for the viewer.) In this session, you learn how to use these NLP visualizations to train the unconscious to automatically eliminate stress, and conditioned response type urges to eat.

Conditioned responses take place when a person pairs two behaviors together. For example: If a person eats while watching TV, the unconscious will pair these two behaviors together so that each time that person watches TV in the future, he/she will get an urge to eat!

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