E-Z QUIT® Inc.'s ArtificialCigarette

You do not light it. Instead, take a deep drag like a real cigarette, but without the dangerous tar, nicotine, drugs and cancer-causing substances. E-Z Quit Inc.'s ArtificialCigarette contains no drugs or nicotine! And it's safe to use with the patch/gum.

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Satisfy Your Oral Addiction to Cigarettes With E-Z QUIT® Inc.'s ArtificialCigarette

The addiction to smoking is a complicated pattern of chemical and behavioral reactions.

Sure, you have an addiction to nicotine. But what about the addiction to holding something in your hand, the hand-to-mouth motion, and puffing on a cigarette?

For many smokers, these "behavioral addictions" are just as strong as the chemical addiction.

E-Z Quit Inc.'s Artificial Cigarette offers you a replacement for your behavioral addictions.

You Need E-Z QUIT Inc.'s ArtificialCigarette


Magnified View of the E-Z Quit Re-Usable ArtificialCigarette

You do not light it. Instead, take a deep drag like a real cigarette, but without the dangerous tar, nicotine, drugs and cancer-causing substances found in real cigarette smoke. E-Z Quit Inc.'s ArtificialCigarette contains no drugs! No nicotine! The ingredients in the ArtificialCigarette are simple food-grade flavorings. Safe to use with Nicotine Patch or Gum! Perfect for all non-smoking areas!

When you inhale through an ArtificialCigarette, the cartridge releases a flavor that refreshes your mouth and occupies your taste buds. You just inhale through this device whenever you get the next urge to smoke, and it helps carry you over each crisis. 

The ArtificialCigarette comes with three mint-flavored cartridge refills that last 45 days. (Each cartridge lasts about 15 days.)

Additional flavor cartridge are available in packs of four or packs of six.


E-Z Quit ArtificialCigarette at a Glance

  • Re-Usable Artificial Cigarette
  • No Nicotine, No Drugs
  • Over One Million Units Sold!
  • Over 21 Years On The Market
  • Inexpensive Method
  • Use In All No-Smoking Areas
  • Perfect For Offices, Planes, Hospitals, Restaurants, Etc.
  • Ideal For Nicotine Patch Users
  • Money Back Guarantee

"I have found the recently introduced (brand name) nicotine patches to be helpful in ridding myself of nicotine addiction; however, few proponents of the anti-smoking campaigns have considered effective aids for the more long-lasting psychological addiction or habit of holding that cigarette, puffing on it and actually drawing something into the lungs. Nothing on the market (I've tried them all) compares to the emotional comfort offered by E-Z QUIT cigarettes."- Carole Kilgore, Westland, MI

How E-Z Quit ArtificialCigarette Helps

ArtificialCigarette is uniquely designed to substitute for the habits of handling and drawing on a cigarette. It contains no drugs, nicotine or stimulants. The ArtificialCigarette uses a scientifically formulated flavor cartridge and a patented air flow system to simulate the sensation of inhaling a pleasant tasting mild cigarette.

When you inhale through an ArtificialCigarette, you replicate the actions of smoking, but without inhaling deadly smoke. The cartridge releases a mint-like flavor which refreshes your mouth and makes your lungs register the inhalation. Reaching for an ArtificialCigarette is as easy as reaching for a cigarette. Holding and handling an ArtificialCigarette keeps your hands occupied as if with a cigarette. This helps reduce your feelings of deprivation.


Smoking Triggers

You weren't born with a desire to smoke. You probably didn't like your first cigarette. But bit by bit, with an occasional puff at a party, or at stressful times at work, you learned to smoke. And that's how you'll have to learn to quit.

Smoking is triggered by certain times, places and situations. Even if you have no trouble giving up nicotine, you may find these constant reminders to smoke overwhelming. You may react by eating. (But quitters who do gain weight only gain ten pounds on average. Weigh that against the health risks of smoking!)

If you can avoid trigger situations for the first few months, you'll make quitting easier for yourself. Move the telephone to a place where you can't sit, talk and smoke at the same time. Meet friends at events where you'll be too busy to smoke. Instead of a cigarette break at work, walk around the office or the block.

When you can't avoid trigger situations, carry and use E-Z QUIT Inc.'s ArtificialCigarette. You can use it at a party, at work, in the car—anywhere you're most tempted to light up—even in designated non-smoking areas!


Making the Most of E-Z QUIT's ArtificialCigarette

Carry the ArtificialCigarette with you, or keep one where you smoke—at the office, in the car or at home. Keep an ArtificialCigarette in reserve in case you misplace one.

When a craving to smoke strikes, puff on ArtificialCigarette as you would a cigarette. You can use short puffs or long draws, as you would with a real cigarette.

Each flavor cartridge can last two to three weeks, depending on frequency of usage. When the flavor weakens, replace the cartridge with a fresh one.

ArtificialCigarette is non-prescription. It contains no drugs or nicotine, and can be used with nicotine patches or other nicotine substitutes. The cartridge is a scientifically developed blend of ingredients approved for food use by the Food and Drug Administration. The chamber, tip and mouthpiece are made of food-grade plastic, assuring that E-Z QUIT is safe to put in your mouth.


How to Use E-Z Quit Inc.'s ArtificialCigarette

1. Twist open
 to separate mouthpiece from cartridge holder.
2. Insert scientifically flavored nicotine-free cartridge. 3. Snap mouthpiece and cartridge holder together.
  • Remove the mouthpiece from the cartridge holder.
  • Remove one flavor cartridge from its air-tight glass vial and drop it into the cartridge holder.
  • Snap the mouthpiece back in place.
  • Your ArtificialCigarette is ready to use.
  • Simply hold the mouthpiece between your lips and draw air through it.

Caution: The product contains small parts. Keep out of the reach of children, to avoid accidental choking. All materials are non-toxic but any small part is a potential hazard to a child.

Diagram of E-Z Quit
[Enlarged diagram of E-Z Quit Inc.'s ArtificialCigarette]

As you inhale, you draw the fresh taste of the scientifically flavored flavor cartridge into your mouth.


A Special Message for Patch Users

A recent study led by Duke University and the Durham Veterans Administration Medical Center on the effectiveness of the nicotine patch concluded that:

"A Fruitful approach to cessation of smoking may be a combination treatment that incorporates both a nicotine patch (to relieve symptoms of hypo-arousal and negative effect) and a behavioral replacement for cigarettes (to relieve the discomfort associated with cigarette craving, appetite and habit withdrawal.)"- "Transdermal nicotine facilitates smoking cessation,"
 by Jed E. Rose, PhD, Edward D. Levin, PhD,
 Frederique M Behm, BS, Carla Adivi, MPH, and
 Cynthia Shur, MPH, Durham, NC and Los Angeles, CA

Because E-Z QUIT is non-prescription and contains no nicotine or drugs, it is the ideal support system for use with a patch, gum, or other nicotine substitute. It will not interfere with your treatment. If you feel the urge to smoke while wearing a patch, DO NOT SMOKE. Reach for E-Z QUIT and use it until the urge passes.

"I am now using E-Z QUIT along with a nicotine patch program and have finally succeeded in 'kicking the habit.' The combination of using the patch, to wean the nicotine out of my system, and using the E-Z QUIT for oral gratification seems to be the answer for me."- Elaine Stewart, Groton, NY


The E-Z Quit Inc.'s ArtificialCigarette Inventor's Story

"You're killing your wife," charged Dr. Jerome K. Schaffer of Encino, California, as William Haber, the shocked husband listened in disbelief. Bernice Haber was suffering from bronchial asthma.

Her husband smoked heavily. He started "snitching butts" when he was 12 years old.

"The tobacco smoke you fill the house with is going to kill her," warned the doctor. "The smoke on your clothes, your hair, your body is all poison to her."

The idea of "secondhand smoke" affecting nonsmokers was a fairly new concept when Dr. Schaffer confronted Haber.

A consummate inventor with many patents to his credit, Haber struggled with his smoking problem and found a solution.

He invented and patented his own private cigarette. Whenever he craved a smoke, he reached for his own fake cigarette. He called it E-Z Quit.

It looked like a cigarette, felt like one and tasted like one too. Every time he held it in his mouth and "inhaled" he had the feeling that he was smoking. But there was no smoke, no nicotine, just the "feeling" that he was smoking.

"This invention has proven to be a remarkable tool to help people get over the hurdle in their effort to quit smoking," said Dr. Schaffer, who had given Haber his warning.


The Final Word

Tom Ferguson, M.D., nationally known writer/lecturer, author of best seller book The No Nag, No Guilt, Do It Your Own Way Guide To Quitting Smoking, states, (Chapter 10) "The smokers in our survey give E-Z Quit the highest rating of any non-prescription quit-smoking aid."


Important Note: This is NOT an electronic cigarette. It does NOT produce a vapor and does NOT contain nicotine.

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