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Aquafilter Disposable Cigarette Holders (10 Filters)

Aquafilter Disposable Cigarette Holders (10 Filters)

$ 4.16

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Aquafilter water filtered cigarette holders reduce tar & nicotine found in all cigarette smoke. Scientific research confirms that wet filtration is the most effective method to remove the tar and nicotine from cigarette smoke

How it works: A) Cigarette smoke containing tar, nicotine plus other substances enters the Aquafilter. B) Aquafilter’s exclusive wet filtration system removes a significant portion of these substances. C) You inhale cleaner, cooler, smoke.

How to use your Aquafilter: 1) Remove large blue plug at end of the filter. 2) Snap off key plug at mouthpiece end of filter. 3) Prior to use, the filter must be moistened with water. Hold the large end of the filter under running water then blow out the excess water. 4) Insert cigarette and twist slightly for firm grip. 5) Average usage rate: 1 Aquafilter per pack of cigarettes.

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